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You are looking for modern, with love handmade jewelry
and decorative items? Then you are exactly right here!

The world is at home at CLAUDIAS HOME. Inspired by our
beautiful earth you will find handmade products in a wide variety of styles - from simple to playful.


Inspired by
the world

Where do I find my inspiration?

i love to travel And I love the world with
all its facets. Whether New York or Sydney,
Caribbean or Canary Islands, America or Asia,
with my products I bring you a piece
the world home.

About me

Through my love for interior design and jewelry and my job as a graphic designer, I love beautiful things. Whether jewelry or decorative items, here you will constantly find new products to give yourself or your loved ones.

Foto Claudia3.jpg

Collections and individual pieces

Most of my products are only available in very small editions. Why? Since I produce everything by hand with a lot of love, I also want you to hold something special in your hands.

Also: keep an eye out for my one-offs!
I really only produce very special pieces of jewelry once. With these products you will also receive a card with the number of the respective individual item.

No plastic

When it comes to packaging, I completely avoid plastic. And I pay attention to ecologically sustainable production of the printed materials just as much as I do with the packaging.

CO2 neutral shipping

Shipping within Austria
I CO2 neutral with the Austrian Post. Into the
I ship abroad - also climate-neutral - with DPD.


Many of my raw materials are produced in Europe and I am constantly looking for other European producers.

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